Little Hate Song:

There you go to
ruin my mood
why you shouldn't
that's alright
when you go and
ruin my day
then it's ok

how could i think
there might be hope for you
when being mean
is really all you do!

i have had it
that you browbeat
everybody around you
all the bullshit
your lungs unload
should already make you choke

i wonder how it feels to be controlled
by such a sick brain
like the one you hold.

Now that I calmed down
there's no more doubt about
and what I think of you
is sung in the background

I sincerley hate you bastard so leave me alone
you are soaked with brassiness up to your bones

And if you don't get of my back
there'll be a vegetable attack
and when a cabbage hits your face
you'll know we've changed the chase.