Well, I know
I've been still sober
bout an hour ago
what happened
I'm stagnant
It seems
I got ambushed by a low

It must have waylaid
behind the curtains or
under my chair
but why bother
when I'd rather sleep
and not wake up till I won't care
about my fears and doubts
I wasn't prepared for them
to reappear without
a sign of warning or a sound.

Standing on
the balcony with my sleepers on
what happened
I'm sad and
my feet
will be deep frozen before long.

In the alcove
over there
might be a monster
so you better beware
I anyway tend
to realize I can't sleep
so I decide to freeze and stare
around for sheep to count
I wanna rest in a cloud
of hibernation and sound
I'm gonna lay myself down.